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[home] = {"banner":{"title":"Transforming lives, one task at a time","image":"","class":"","content":"Regularly receiving new tasks and tracking progress can boost motivation and create a sense of accountability in your rhythm of life!"},"banner-cta":{"title":"Trainers. Mentors. Doctors. Coaches & co","image":"","class":"","content":"<p>The international team of good inspiration, mindfulness, and life improvement!<\/p><p>Developing an app like \u201c3ill\u201d is a transformative endeavor as it empowers users with a structured daily routine, providing them with personalized tasks to enhance their personal growth journey. By offering a guided path to self-improvement, the app becomes a valuable tool for individuals seeking to achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives.<\/p><p>The concept of \u201c3ill\u201d holds great promise by addressing the need for consistent self-improvement in a busy world. Through its tailored approach of providing users with three daily tasks, the app fosters positive habits and keeps users engaged in their personal development, ultimately helping them make meaningful progress towards their objectives.<\/p>"},"video-section":{"title":"Watch Video","image":"data\/media\/img\/bg.jpg","class":"","content":"Elevate your life with 3ill: the app designed to guide you to your best self. Receive three personalized tasks every day, tailored to your goals and growth. Develop positive habits, track progress, and achieve personal milestones. Transform your daily routine into a journey of continuous improvement. Start your path to success with 3ill today!s"},"slider-section":{"title":"Inspirational & progressists tasks","image":"","class":"","content":"<p class=\"mb-8\">We believe in self-improvement throw personal development, good habit formation, mindfulness, self-awareness, and a lot of life empowerment. 3ill is an achievement app, that creates positive psychology with small steps that bring big goal achievement.<\/p><p class=\"mb-8\">The app will be clean, without any type of commercials or aggressive branding. Is just about you, your goals, and self-growth. The lunch date will be on the 30th of November 2023 on iOS and Android. <\/p><p class=\"mb-8\">The pre-sale campaign will start from the 1st of September until the 25th of November, at the price of 24$ for the first year paid in advance. <\/p>"},"parallax-section":{"title":"Human approach","image":"data\/media\/img\/image11.jpg","class":"","content":"<p class=\"mb-8\">Experience a new level of personal growth guided by experts in their fields. Our team of dedicated professionals, including doctors, trainers, coaches, and performers, curate each daily task with precision and care. Benefit from their expertise as you embark on a journey of improvement, receiving tasks that are backed by real-world knowledge and designed to elevate your skills, mindset, and well-being. With 3ill, you\u2019re in the hands of experienced professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your goals.<\/p><p>Unlike AI-driven solutions, our tasks are designed by real experts who understand the nuances of human growth and motivation. With 3ill, you\u2019re not just receiving automated recommendations \u2013 you\u2019re benefiting from a personal touch that resonates, empowers, and propels you towards your goals.<\/p>"},"cards":{"title":"The 3ill app empowers you to take deliberate, actionable steps towards your personal development goals, fostering a sense of achievement and continuous improvement. All the tasks are human-made and we don't use any type of AI or machine learning. From doctors, trainers, psychiatrists, personal habit developers, and more to the end users. ","image":"","class":"","content":[{"title":"Sign-Up","image":"person-circle-outline","class":"","content":"<p>Download and install the 3ill app from your app store.<\/p><p>Sign up using your email or social media accounts.<\/p>"},{"title":"Daily Tasks","image":"list","class":"","content":"<p>Each day, you\u2019ll receive three tasks in categories related to personal growth, skill development, and well-being.<\/p><p>Tasks are designed to be achievable and impactful, encouraging gradual progress.<\/p>"},{"title":"Task Details","image":"newspaper-outline","class":"","content":"<p>View detailed descriptions of each task, along with suggested resources, tools, and tips.<\/p><p>Decide which tasks you want to focus on for the day.<\/p>"},{"title":"Task Completion","image":"checkmark-done-outline","class":"","content":"<p>Mark tasks as completed as you finish them throughout the day.<\/p><p>Tasks can include exercises, reading recommendations, journal prompts, and more.<\/p>"},{"title":"Reflection and Feedback","image":"paper-plane-outline","class":"","content":"<p>After completing tasks, reflect on your experiences and how they contribute to your personal growth.<\/p><p>Provide feedback on task effectiveness and impact<\/p>"},{"title":"Long-Term Growth","image":"trending-up-outline","class":"","content":"<p>Consistently completing tasks and building positive habits contributes to your long-term personal growth.<\/p><p>Use the app as a tool to evolve into a better version of yourself.<\/p>"}]},"testimonials":{"title":"","image":"","class":"","content":[{"title":"<p class=\"name\">Indra Nooyi<\/p><p class=\"description\">Graphic Designer, Stupids Magazine<\/p>","image":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/1.jpg","class":"","content":"<p>\u201cI always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that\u2019s how you grow. When there\u2019s that moment of \u2018Wow, I\u2019m not really sure I can do this,\u2019 and you push through those moments, that\u2019s when you have a breakthrough.\u201d<\/p>"},{"title":"<p class=\"name\">Marissa Mayer<\/p><p class=\"description\">SEO<\/p>","image":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/2.jpg","class":"","content":"<p> \u201cThere is nothing like a concrete life plan to weigh you down. Because if you always have one eye on some future goal, you stop paying attention the the job at hand, miss opportunities that might arise, and stay fixedly on one path, even when a better, newer course might have opened up. \u201c<\/p>"},{"title":"<p class=\"name\"> Ellen J. Kullman<\/p><p class=\"description\">Graphic Designer, Stupids Magazine<\/p>","image":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/3.jpg","class":"","content":"<p>\u201cWith kids, they don\u2019t do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. Organizations don\u2019t necessarily, either. You\u2019ve got to listen. You\u2019ve got to learn how to influence.\u201d<\/p>"}]}}
[testimonials] = [{"name":"Indra Nooyi","description":"Graphic Designer, Stupids Magazine","content":"Am fost mereu interesat\u0103 de \u00eengrijirea pielii mele, a\u0219a c\u0103 am decis s\u0103 \u00eencerc o fa\u021b\u0103 de pern\u0103 din m\u0103tase \u0219i am fost \u00eenc\u00e2ntat\u0103 de rezultate. Dar apoi am aflat despre fa\u021ba de pern\u0103 din bumbac 100% dublu satinat, fir mercerizat, \u0219i am decis s\u0103 \u00eencerc \u0219i aceasta. Nu am fost dezam\u0103git\u0103! Este foarte confortabil\u0103 \u0219i simt c\u0103 tenul meu arat\u0103 mai bine dec\u00e2t oric\u00e2nd.","photo":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/1.jpg"},{"name":"Ion C.","description":"","content":"Am avut probleme cu p\u0103rul meu care se rupea mereu, iar frizerul mi-a sugerat s\u0103 schimb fa\u021ba de pern\u0103 cu una din bumbac. Am \u00eencercat-o \u0219i pot s\u0103 spun c\u0103 este o schimbare major\u0103. P\u0103rul meu nu se mai rupe \u0219i arat\u0103 mult mai s\u0103n\u0103tos.","photo":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/1.jpg"},{"name":"Maria N.","description":"","content":"Am avut probleme cu acnee \u0219i am \u00eencercat multe produse f\u0103r\u0103 s\u0103 ob\u021bin rezultate. Apoi am aflat despre fa\u021ba de pern\u0103 din bumbac 100% dublu satinat, fir mercerizat, \u0219i am decis s\u0103 \u00eencerc \u0219i eu. Nu m\u0103 a\u0219teptam ca o fa\u021b\u0103 de pern\u0103 s\u0103 fac\u0103 at\u00e2t de multe diferen\u021be, dar pielea mea arat\u0103 mult mai bine \u0219i acneea s-a redus semnificativ.","photo":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/1.jpg"},{"name":"Andrei T.","description":"","content":"Am avut mereu probleme cu transpira\u021bia excesiv\u0103 \u00een timpul nop\u021bii \u0219i am \u00eencercat multe tipuri de perne \u0219i fa\u021b\u0103 de pern\u0103, f\u0103r\u0103 succes. Apoi am aflat despre fa\u021ba de pern\u0103 din bumbac 100% dublu satinat, fir mercerizat, \u0219i am decis s\u0103 \u00eencerc \u0219i aceasta. Este uimitor c\u00e2t de mult s-a \u00eembun\u0103t\u0103\u021bit confortul meu de dormit, iar transpira\u021bia a sc\u0103zut semnificativ.","photo":"data\/media\/sliders\/testimonials\/1.jpg"}]

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